This special 10th volume of our Quality in Life series features another long-time friend of ours, Jeremy Ethier, founder of Built With Science. Through this interview, we were able to learn more about how Jeremy, his brother Ethan, and the Built With Science team have established and continue to grow one of the best up-and-coming fitness and nutrition brands in the world. From the beginning, Built with Science’s scientifically-backed approach to fitness and nutrition plans is precisely what has led to their success in transforming thousands of lives around the world. Not only that, quality and community have been something that the brand aligns with on all levels. This is not hard to notice due to both the local and global recognition that Built With Science has had. Some examples of this include being featured in Men's Health, KTLA News, and Yahoo news. What's more, they now have 100,000 members who are a part of their programs and are at 4.2 million subscribers on Youtube. Looking to take the brand to the next level Jeremy, Ethan, and the Built With Science team continue to put out incredible content and are working on other new projects. Their determination to educate people on the importance of science-backed fitness and nutrition is what has set them apart from others. This is why we could not have been happier to interview Jeremy and write this article on yet another amazing brand.

As we began the interview and learned more about Jeremy’s story, we became increasingly intrigued. Jeremy’s journey began at a very young age. He was incredibly active throughout his childhood and pretty much played every sport that was available. In turn, this drew him to a lifestyle that surrounded being active and keeping fit. During high school, he found a deep interest in weightlifting, which he says he used as his outlet to stay active. Around his senior year and at just 18 years old, he went straight into getting his personal trainer certificate and began to learn as much as he could. This is also what led to his pursuit of taking kinesiology after graduating high school in 2013. Halfway through his kinesiology degree, Jeremy was becoming much more exposed to empirical research on the topic of how to optimize training and nutrition for performance and body composition. During this point in time, he had an epiphany that changed his life. He says that he was shocked at how there were actual empirical studies done on how to build muscle and lose fat most effectively. This was a time when he also thought research was only done on more, quote-unquote, important topics.

Moreover, Jeremy says that he also realized through growing up and being in the gym that there are opinions given by various people that can impact one’s fitness journey in a number of ways. From his personal experience, he tried everything, had mixed results and even did not see results at times. Being exposed to the research in university made him think that if research and science are applied to other fields, why would one not apply it to fitness and nutrition where there is an abundance of misinformation being spread. Once he realized this, he notes that he became obsessed with this idea and applied a number of ideas to his own regiment that let him learn about what works, what doesn't, and how he could prove this through science. Jeremy then applied this to clients he was training at the time and noticed incredible results. It was at this moment, that he knew this needed to be shared with the world. He started a Youtube channel that he found was the perfect medium where he could explain the science behind workouts in detail. This started in his third year of undergrad and really took off after some time. At first, he would film his videos at a club that his family were members of. It was not unusual for him to wait until past midnight just so that he could film with nobody around and then get home at around three to four in the morning after the fact. Later on, in his fourth year, he gained 50,000 subscribers. In 2017/2018 he graduated from university and immediately started Built With Science. Originally, Jeremy had planned on becoming a doctor but decided to go all out with Youtube and build a business around it. As his channel growth progressed, he went from filming in the middle of the night at the club gym to being offered another space to film, and now to his own headquarters where he even has his own gym facility. In 2019, his brother Ethan joined the company and has played a crucial part in the growth and success of Built With Science ever since. During his time at the company, Ethan has effectively scaled their 2-on-1 coaching program, established key systems, led the development of their 1-on-1 nutrition program and has helped accomplish thousands of other tasks, getting the brand to where it is today. The Ethier brothers never settle for anything less than greatness which can easily be seen through their work.

Quality seems to be what has been a part of Built With Science’s brand since the beginning. Firstly, they use science-based evidence to back the fitness and nutrition plans that they offer. As a result, you can feel confident that there has been empirical research done to back their advice on how you can most effectively achieve your fitness goals. Another way that Built With Science expresses quality is through the team that they have been able to build over the years. Jeremy notes that he has been someone who has always obsessed over quality and therefore is always trying to find the right people to be a part of his team. They only look to hire the best of the best and take the right measures to make sure of it. One example of this is that Built With Science only works with dietitians and not nutritionists. Last but not least, Jeremy asserted that the company has always remained customer-centric. They take an approach of listening to their community's feedback and always look to adjust accordingly where they can.

When asking Jeremy about Built With Science concerning community he said it has been what has made the company into what it is today. Their community is incredibly large and continues to grow day by day. Jeremy says that the community is also very loyal to the brand and attributes this to his Youtube channel that has served as a medium to establish personal connections with people. They have also established a Facebook community of over 40,000 people that is in line with their values as a brand. By doing so they have created a safe, uplifting, and encouraging environment for people of all levels of fitness experience. Although so incredibly large, Built With Science has never strayed away from honouring the community that has and continues to push the brand to the next level. Their community always comes first and that is exactly why they have been taking the fitness and nutrition industry by storm.

Built With Science is undoubtedly an incredible medium to which people can confidently strive to achieve their goal of improving their health using science-backed evidence. However, the company and team are also much more than that. They are a group of talented, focused and value-driven people who are obsessed with providing their community with a level of quality that has not been seen before in this industry. This is why they have had so much global recognition in the past few years and how they are able to have transformed thousands upon thousands of lives globally. We hope that through this new volume, you discovered something new and take the step to achieve your fitness goals through more concrete methods that Built With Science promotes.

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