In this fourth volume of Quality in Life, we had the opportunity to interview Jordan Chin, the Chief Operating Officer of Organika Health Products. Founded in 1990 by Tom Chin and now run by Jordan and Aaron Chin, Organika has been a natural nutrition specialty distributing its products to 26 countries around the world. Their products span a wide range and provide holistic and natural health solutions to suit your needs. Whether you are experiencing joint pain, need a boost of Vitamin C during cold and flu season, or wish to improve your hair, skin, and nails, Organika has it all. Their ambition to always innovate and mission to be your number one guide to natural health has served as the foundation for their success over the last 30 years. One way this can be seen is through the many awards they win year after year.

Whatever walk of life you are from, the company believes that everybody deserves the right to have a natural solution to healthy living. They not only provide top-quality products and services to their consumers but also participate in a number of community and charity events that allow all people to have access to natural health products. We are so humbled by Jordan and his family’s journey in both founding and continuing to uphold a top-tier natural health company for over three decades. The Chin family and Organika perfectly exemplify the concepts of quality and community, as such, we could not be happier to have this opportunity for an interview.

Jordan’s personal journey with Organika and the role he has taken on as a leader in the natural health industry has been an inspiration to us. Initially, Jordan noted that he did not intend to start a career at Organika. Although he and his younger brothers had experience working in many departments at a young age, he felt as if his place was not with the company. Jordan says he was also going through some personal obstacles at the time and that this was not a place he wished to work at. It was not until 2012 when Jordan had undergone a spiritual journey and found God that he began to have more stability in life and with his family. In 2013, he finished his post-graduate degree and realized he wanted to begin a serious career at Organika. Along with his younger brother Aaron, Jordan began to dive into understanding the company on a much deeper and detailed level. They both realized in order to push their goal of being the number one guide to natural health, the company needed to change its focus and look to diversify where they were available and who they marketed to. This is when the two brothers came up with a business plan for their father regarding what and where they saw Organika being in five years. After the approval of the plan and many changes, the company turned from what Jordan referred to as a “specialty in mom & pops health stores” to a brand that is now in major grocery stores, online retailers, and one that had a digital transformation. These changes have allowed Organika to focus more on its goals, one of which is to provide natural health solutions to everyone, not just a certain subset of people. Organika is currently focusing on natural beauty and offers several products to help with promoting beauty from within, such as their Enhanced Collagen products, Effervess” effervescent tablets, Hyaluronic Acid Powder and much more. As we learned more about the company and what they have accomplished in recent years, we were also able to gain perspective on how Organika exemplifies quality and community.

When we asked Jordan about quality and community specifically, he stressed that both concepts have been the two pillars that have made Organika successful and what it is today. According to Jordan, quality was already built into the products way before he and Aaron joined the company. For example, their raw ingredients are always sourced from where they are originally grown. Whether it is their Maca from Peru, traditional herbs from China, South America, or Europe, Organika oversees each ingredient to ensure they provide the highest quality and potency to their consumers. Moreover, their products are continuously tested throughout each step of the process as they transform raw ingredients into finished products. Additionally, there is a testing standard that Organika holds their suppliers to before agreeing to source from them. After purchasing the ingredients, they do in-house testing to ensure their standards are met. At the end of the production lifecycle, a third-party laboratory will test the products again to guarantee the quality, and ensure there is no room for error. According to Jordan, this stringent process is second nature to the company even though there is a lot that goes into making sure the product is top-notch. However, one thing that the Chin brothers realized very early on is that the quality of the product within their industry is the bare minimum.

Jordan emphasized that what is really important is the quality of service Organika provides, which ties into their community. Organika measures customer sentiment by utilizing a Net Promoter Score, which is a common key performance indicator for organizations. Jordan noted that Organika consistently scores over 75, which is unheard of in most businesses, particularly in the natural health industry. This speaks loudly to their quality of service and brand. For Organika, community starts internally with their people. Everything experienced externally is a product of what goes on internally. Regardless of one’s title or position, everyone’s voice is important, and this has ultimately fostered an inclusive work culture and community at Organika. The company also hosts events outside of their employees’ core responsibilities such as free yoga and morning breathing sessions to promote active living and mindfulness, as well as opportunities to be a part of CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives. Organika also plays a big part in a number of charities in order to provide natural health solutions to all people. More recently they initiated a program called Organicares, working with Quest Food Exchange and have supported a Mamas for Mamas where they have donated upwards of six figures worth of products for mothers who are in need. Whether external or internal, both aspects of the company play into their vision of providing natural health to everyone regardless of social class. Through the work they have done, Organika continues to be a great example of a company that upholds the values they were founded upon and also one that expresses quality and community.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about Jordan’s experience at Organika and the future vision for the company. If you are interested in learning more about the company and its history, you can check out their website Organika.com where you can read more on “The Organika Way” and navigate through their blog. Through this brief article on Jordan and Organika, we hope you were able to learn more about the recent history behind the company and have been inspired to pay mind to your health more naturally and holistically.

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